8 Hair Trends for the Fall 2011 ...

Hair Trends For Fall are unexpected, different and oh-so-cool which is why I simply had to do a post on them! So, are you ready to fight the frizz? Have you taken your hairdryers, curling irons and brushes out of the closet where theyโ€™ve spend most of their summer? Are you ready to work hard on perfecting all those complicated styles that are almost always being announced as hair trends for fall? Well, I suggest you ditch the heavy machinery because hair trend for fall 2011 require a comb and a hair gel and sometimes, even that is too much ! Check them out!

1. Messy Braid

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Loose, messy and kind of boho โ€“ a braid was a perfect way to get the hair out of our faces during the summer! Now, as you probably know, summer updos rarely get a chance to be announced as hair trends for fall as well so it would be safe to say this one is an exception. Lanvin and Pucci went โ€œlocoโ€ for this braid and decided to show it on their Fall/Winter fashion shows and demonstrate exactly how bradilicious they want the upcoming cold season to be! Fun, huh? Weโ€™ve already mastered it during the summer so we might as well show it off some more! Donโ€™t you think so?

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