3. Eye Shadow

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Lasts: 1 Shampoo

After researching and finding this, I admittedly set down my laptop and stood in front of my mirror for a good half hour experimenting with this one. The color is a lot more vibrant than chalking; however it comes out all over your clothes and hands every time you touch it. If you can manage to keep your hands off your beautifully colored hair, then go for it!

If you find some way of sealing it that works better than hairspray, let me know!

How To:

Working one section at a time, spray hair with water until damp.

Rub a tiny dot of conditioner into the section.

Using an individual eye shadow, start at the top and work your way down, sliding the tub of shadow down your hair while holding it against the shadow with your thumb.

Coat the front and the back as many times as you would like until you get the desired color.

Spray with hairspray in an attempt to seal it.

Allow to dry, or blow dry.

Color Rub by Hairflairs
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